Sunday, October 30, 2011


Some time ago I was at a wilderness training camp and heard the role of "fire keeper" used in a derogatory sense. The speaker seemed to consider it a lowly position. Naturally, I lept at taking such an honored role. Fire, the building and use of, is one of mankind's greatest tools. When you are out in the cold few things warm the heart and body like a crackling fire and a hot meal cooked over it.

Let me use another derogatory term, please forgive my language. "Management". There, I said it. You can uncover your children's ears and eyes now. Few roles have been so disparaged yet are so critical to keeping the energy of industry going. Few roles had such capacity to stoke or quench the passion in a worker than the "M" word.

As I build my fire-making skills I am intrigued by the corollaries in my career field. What is the best way to engage the breezes to my campfire going. How do I use the changing winds of IT innovation to keep my team fully engaged and passionate? What can I do to fend of the dampening effects of rain and personnel changes?

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